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CAF CL final, Moroccan Premeditation?

A revelation with a bomb effect was made last night by Mr. Wadii Aljarii, president of the FTF, during his appearance on Dimanche Sport. Indeed, we learned that the Genral Secretary of CAF, the Moroccan Mouad Hajji, sent to the FTF on 28 May, i.e. 3 days before the Rades Champion’s League final, a letter requiring the Tunisian Ministry of Interior (Sic), a written guarantee as to the good security condition of the said final. The correspondence does not stop at this ridiculous requirement, the Moroccan Mouad Hajji expressly threatens that without this written guarantee, CAF would take measures… meaning the transfer of the match to another country. Faced with this charade, the FTF President contacted Ahmad Ahmad, President of CAF, to ask for explanations. The latter clearly indicated that the said correspondence is the responsibility of the secretariat and that it should be dealt with.

The president of the FTF then contacted the Moroccan Hajji, General Secretary of CAF, and explained that the Tunisian State would provide such a written guarantee if CAF proved that it had received the same type of guarantee and in the same form from the Moroccan State before the first leg match played in Rabat. It is then that the Moroccan withdrawed suspiciously and requested the president of the FTF to consider the said correspondence null and not sent.

This is a manoeuvre that says a lot about the intentions of the Moroccans even before the Rades match is played. Even better, more and more clues are being superimposed every day to indicate that Wydad Athletic Club knew they were not up to challenge the defending champion in terms of sport, and that this whole withdrawal story was carefully orchestrated and premeditated before the game was even played.

The batch of surprises will certainly not end there. The more the days pass, the more we learn and will learn about the worst sports scandal in the history of CAF and Morocco, where a spectacular turnaround has gradually taken place, from a simple and illegal Wydadie protest on the failure of the VAR (Video Assistance to the Referee) to a problem of insecurity…

It is a pity for sport in this sister country, which is being soiled by leaders with such a poor mentality in terms of fair play and sporting justice. The editorial staff

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